Neschen Laminators

The first Neschen laminator K600 was presented at Photokina in 1974. We are continuing this success story in 2016!

Neschen laminators are back and better than ever before:
Designed by Neschen, produced in Europe with additional benefits for our customers worldwide.

Neschen ColdLam 1650 and Neschen HotLam 1650 TH are our two all-rounders for every application. Not just built for our customers, but with our customers.

During the design phase we intensely coordinated the design together with our customers worldwide. Our aim was to build a machine which is practical to use in their every- day work. The designers attached much importance to having maintenance and repair executed by the customers themselves. It’s bad for our after sales business, but good for you and your customers.

Features & Benefits


Neschen ColdLam 1650 is our new laminator for the interesting market segment of signmaking as well as for digital printing service providers. The machine was designed for basic applications and is particularly suitable for mounting and laminating of pressure-sensitive products up to a width of 1,650 mm and offers a flexible overall solution at a reasonable price and with maximum functionality.

  • Max. processing speed of 8 m / minute for increased productivity
  • Ergonomic, user friendly control panel for easy operation
  • Flip-up in-feed table for easy setup
  • Pull-out trough for easy feeding of single prints up to 10 m
  • Powered rear take up shaft as standard for roll to roll operation

HOTLAM 1650 THDue to its variable pressure and speed adjustments the Neschen HotLam 1650 TH laminator is suitable for new and experienced users who are looking for a particularly powerful laminator, but do not require full encapsulation function. The Neschen HotLam 1650 TH has a technically sophisticated roller system with a high maximum contact pressure. This provides excellent results for each desired application.

  • Swing-out autogrip shaft for easy material loading
  • Top-speed of 12 m/min for maximum productivity
  • Pull-out trough for easy feeding of single prints of up to 10m
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly control panel for easy operation
  • Additional control panel on the back for easy ope-ration by a single operator
  • Integrated roll to roll function for higher productivity and less material waste
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