Mimaki’s next generation print and cut solutions combine to deliver the highest quality results, at faster speeds than ever before whilst retaining a seamless and highly efficient workflow. The new Plus Series printers, cutters and integrated printer/cutters offer a state of the art system that leverages the latest technology to drive your business forwards with sustainable choices that also improve profitability.


Flexible solutions to suit every need
Choose the CJV300 Plus for print and cut operation in an all-in-one solution or combine the JV300 Plus printer with any CG-FXII Plus cutting plotter for unbeatable print and cut productivity.

ID Cut Function
Mimaki’s new ID Cut function has been designed to enable printer operators to contour cut multiple jobs with minimal intervention, even for jobs longer than 2m. Offering trouble-free, automatic cutting of consecutive jobs, it saves time and reduces potential material waste. An ID barcode is printed through the RasterLink6 Plus RIP along with the image, with the barcode including cutting and rotation information. The crop mark sensor reads the barcode and automatically executes cutting, ensuring all alignment and rotational requirements are observed. Additionally, Mimaki’s proprietary media edge guides prevent media skewing and reduce likelihood of material wastage.

Features & Benefits


Nozzle Recovery System automatically substitutes defective nozzles giving uninterrupted operation


Nozzle Check Unit automatically checks nozzles and cleans them if required


Mimaki Circulation Technology continuously agitates inks that are susceptible to settling ensuring quality and economy


Mimaki Advanced Pass System reduces banding by dispersing ink drops between passes


Waveform Control utilises finely tuned frequencies to precisely shape and place individual ink drops

Variable Dot

Variable Dot enables the printer to print in 3 different dot sizes to create high quality images with smooth graduation

Newly designed Take-Up Unit

The Plus Series printers feature a new take-up device capable of handling rolls of up to 45kg, preventing media shifting and ensuring smooth production

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