Offered at an entry-level price, the JV100-160 delivers the best print performance at the lowest running costs compared to other solvent printers in the sign printing market. Mimaki’s proven technology featured in this new printer advances ease of use, and with the possibility to load 8 different colours, high definition colour reproduction comes standard.


In addition to Mimaki’s popular SS21 and BS4 inks, the JV100-160 features two new fast drying eco-solvent inks.

AS5 ink
Available in 8 colours, including Light Black and Orange, the AS5 ink significantly improves the colour gamut, covering approx. 94.8% of the PANTONE coated colour chart. The 8-colour configuration also allows you the lowest running costs in the market today. The AS5 ink is delivered in 600ml and 2L ink packs.

Features & Benefits

  • NRS – Nozzle Recovery System automatically substitutes defective nozzles giving uninterrupted operation
  • NCU – Nozzle Check Unit automatically checks nozzles and cleans gthem if required
  • MCT – Mimaki Circulation Technology continuously agitates inks that are susceptible to settling ensuring quality and economy
  • MAPS4 – Mimaki Advanced Pass System reduces banding by dispersing ink drops between passes
  • WFC – Waveform Control utilises finely tuned frequencies to precisely shape and place individual ink drops
  • Variable Dot enables the printer to print in 3 different dot sizes to create high quality images with smooth graduation
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