Gerber Omega Version 7.0

For more than 15 years, the world’s leading sign and specialty graphic makers have trusted Gerber Omega® software to meet their demanding production needs. Omega offers the industry’s most complete suite of layout, design, output, and conversion tools to accommodate the cutting and printing of vinyl and specialty materials, and to support routing applications for dimensional sign making, woodworking,and parts fabrication.

Omega design and output solutions are fine-tuned for sign-industry production devices and provide seamless integration with gerber vinyl cutters, the Gerber Edge® family of thermal transfer printers, and Gerber routers.


OMEGA 7.0 design and output software delivers a new level of excellence and performance for sign and specialty graphic professionals. OMEGA 7.0 builds on its solid set of tools and functions, while offering exciting new features, improvements, and efficiencies.
These enhancements enable beginners to hit the ground running, while providing seasoned experts the ability to create even more sophisticated, technical, and advanced layouts with greater ease – and in less time.

Features & Benefits

OMEGA™ CP (Cut/Print)

Includes all the tools you need to create and output cut vinyl and router jobs, plus has color assignment and output capabilities for all GERBER EDGE® series and GERBER MAXX™ 2 thermal transfer printers. Includes ARTPath software.

OMEGA™ CS (Cut Solution)

Includes all the tools you need to create and output cut vinyl and router jobs, however it cannot output to thermal transfer printers.

OMEGA™ Layout Station

Allows for complete design activities without any output. Show customers concepts in the front office. Design on a laptop away from the shop. Add design stations and save files to a network folder for output.

OMEGA™ Plot Station

Includes all the output capabilities of OMEGA CP with no design capabilities.

Specs & Requirements

Minimum processor and RAM hardware requirements are dictated by your operating system. These are minimums only. More RAM, storage, I/O, and a faster CPU are recommended. Multicore CPU and 4+ GB RAM recommended.

• Windows® 8, 32 or 64 bit, Windows 10, 32 or 64 bit.
• AutoCarve™ 3D and Gerber Braille Interpreter require 32 bit OS (not 64).
• 100+ GB available disk space.
• 1024 x 768+ monitor resolution with 16 million colors.
• Two available USB ports.
• Ethernet port for use with GERBER EDGE FX and other network connections.
• EDGE or EDGE 2 require a Gerber USB to Parallel Adapter Cable for use with Windows® 8, 32 or 64 bit, Windows 10, 32 or 64 bit.
• Serial ports (9-pin) for use with Gerber plotters and/or routers. Optional GSP USB to serial adapter is also available

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