GS Plotter Series

The GSplus series is the Gerber family of highly accurate stepper motor sprocket plotters that use 15″ (GS15 and GSx) or 30″ (GS750) perforated materials. These open-architecture workhorses feature KMS – Knife Mode Switching™ technology, for optimal cutting of all Gerber Materials as well as many others.

GS plotters are simple to learn and operate, and define the term “unattended-operation”. Includes accessory kit, knife tool holder and blade, pen, and material roll holder.

Features & Benefits

Multi-size platforms

Accommodates individual sign shop needs

Patented punch pattern

Provides superior accuracy which reduces material shifting, cut time and waste due to cut errors. Enables ultra long unattended runs

Easy material loading

Load material onto the sprocket wheels for quick, accurate and unattended material feed

Weight dial control

Quick, easy and consistent knife pressure adjustments


Fully compatible with Gerber OMEGA™ design software and Gerber EDGE® series printed graphics

Open architecture

Compatible with leading design and cut software

Intuitive user interface

Short learning curve and user intuitive

Multiple blade types

Capable of cutting a wide variety of materials with variable thickness. From standard vinyls to sandblast stencil

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