Intercoat Smart Apply Collection

INTERCOAT is literally embracing the entire world of digital printing. No matter what digital printing you specifically decide to go for – INTERCOAT will provide you with approved, certified self adhesive solutions.

The magic of graphic art is that it has never, ever been so various and creative. With INTERCOAT we want to be a partner to your success.

The new SmartAPPLY Collection offers you advanced “print & stick” solutions.

THE Smart APPLY Collection

MultiStick with Diamond DC Liner offers you a special microsphere Adhesive System that allows you to stick again & again with compatibility for all kinds of ink.

ShopStick with its Diamond Air Liner and grey removeable glue is both easy to apply with no air bubbles and easy to remove without leaving any residue on the surface.

WinStick comes with Diamond Air Liner and clear removeable glue, it is perfect for screen & UV offset printing.

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