Gerber Edge Foils & Vinyls


GerberColor™ foils and EDGE READY™ Materials are specially formulated for the GERBER EDGE® Series of thermal transfer printers and offer the widest range of applications in the business. Print three-to-five-year outdoor-durable spot, metallic, and process color to self adhesive, magnet, holographic, reflective materials, and more. Simply snap in a color foil cartridge and go!

As well as Gerber foils we also stock alternative solutions for both the Gerber Edge and Gerber Edge FX.


We offer the full catalogue of Gerber vinyls including Premium Cast Vinyls, Reflective, Translucent and Speciality.  Our most popular Speciality materials include Magnetic, Labelstock, PermaGrip, GerberGlow and Lexedge FR65.

As well as Gerber branded solutions we also stock alternative solutions for self adhesive white and clear vinyls both with a premium and economic options.

THE Smart APPLY Collection

GerberColor FX™ foils

  • All the features of GerberColor Foils, but for use with the GERBER EDGE FX™
  • Smart GerberGauge™ with RFID technology reduces mistakes and improves workflow
  • Redesigned for better foil-to-foil registration
  • Enables rapid foil loading/unloading
  • Refillable design reduces cost of output
  • Caddy is sized to accommodate longer rolls – 91m lengths in addition to 15m and 45m rolls. The caddy comes in a single pack or in a master pack of 18 rolls

GerberColor™ foils

  • For use with the GERBER EDGE® , EDGE 2® and EDGE FX™ thermal transfer printers
  • The durability to withstand harsh exterior and industrial environments, including abrasion and UV exposure for three-to-five years
  • The versatility and consistancy to match popular paint, vinyl and ink colors
  • The flexibility to print from fine lines to images to fleet markings
  • The capability to meet and exceed customer expectations and produce eye-catching results


  • Included with GERBER EDGE® , EDGE 2® and new EDGE FX™ foils
  • Estimate the remaining foil length on GerberColor cartridges to help prevent unexpected run-out, wasted foil and material
  • Markings along the edge of the foil appear approximately every 4″ (10 cm) over the length of the foil to indicate the minimum amount remaining
  • Displayed in both meters and yards

GerberColor Spectratone™

  • Available for GERBER EDGE® , EDGE 2® and new EDGE FX™ foils with Gerber OMEGA™
  • Create more than 3,000 smooth Spot Colors by overprinting GerberColor Spot, Process Pro and Transparent Series Cartridges.
  • Also create GerberColor Spectratone simulations of solid PANTONE® Colors
  • All resulting spot colors are 100% solid fills with no halftone dots or gradient textures
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